Chicago’s new bike sharing program: Divvy Bikes

Divvy Bike

Chicago’s new bike sharing program: Divvy Bikes

While walking down the street or driving around Chicago, I’m sure you’ve noticed those bright blue and white bikes parked by curbsides or people riding them around the city.

Those bikes, called Divvy, are the staple of Chicago’s new bike sharing system that began last year. Divvy means divide and share, which aptly describes a system of 4,000 heavy-duty durable bikes that anyone can borrow from any of the 400 docking stations throughout Chicago. If you don’t have a bike, and you want to run an errand or see a friend, Divvy is a great way to use a bike you won’t have to maintain.
To take advantage of the Divvy bike program, riders can purchase an annual membership, which costs $75, or a 24-hour pass, which goes for $7. Memberships can be obtained online, and passes can be purchased from any curbside Divvy station.
Annual members get a key that they can dip into the slot at any bike station with an available bike. With either the membership or the pass, riders get to take unlimited 30-minute trips until their pass expires. Bikes can be returned at any station. So if you rent a bike on Clark Street and decide to run an errand downtown, you can return the bike at any of the downtown Divvy stations.
Worried that the changing weather might shut Divvy down? Don’t fret, because Divvy continues to be available throughout the winter season. What’s more, Divvy maintains all the bikes themselves with checkers and technicians who repair and inspect every bike in the system to make sure they are safe to ride, regardless of the weather conditions.

Whether you’re going to the grocery store or simply riding a bike for fun, Divvy bikes continue to thrive and are a great option for those who do not want to buy a bike or deal with the cost of maintenance.

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