December dining in the Loop: Miller’s Pub

One of the Loop’s oldest and most notable restaurants with an extensive selection of food and drinks is Miller’s Pub, located at 134 S. Wabash on the corner of Wabash and Adams.

This restaurant is definitely one-of-a-kind, with a classic atmosphere nostalgic of Cheers, and friendly bartenders that everyone seems to know on a first-name basis. There are multiple levels, dark wood covering the interior and hand-made stained glass windows. Every year during the holidays, they decorate the large restaurant with Christmas lights, tinsel and wreathes. Year round, the colossal walls are covered from top to bottom in sports banners, Chicago street signs, antique oil paintings, and autographed photos of famous celebrities who stopped in at Miller’s in the past 78 years.

Millers features a wide range of comfort food like steaks, chops, ribs, fish, prime rib, burgers, salads and sandwiches. They also have an extensive drink menu with killer options including cocktails, martinis, infused liquors, bourbon, tequila, brandy, wine and an astounding selection of whiskies.

In 1935, the Miller brothers established the bar and in 1950, three Greek brothers, Pete, Nick and Jimmy Gallios, gathered all of their resources and purchased it. But the Gallios brothers did not have the $500 it cost to change the sign on the pub, so the name “Miller’s” remained. A younger Gallios brother, Vannie, finished up his military service in 1953 and worked his way into a stake in the pub. The Gallios brothers’ goal in the beginning was simply to support their families, and in the end, Miller’s became a piece of Chicago’s history.
Today Vannie still works at the restaurant daily, although the other three brothers have passed away. Their children have taken on the responsibility of the establishment, carrying on the tradition of providing excellent service, a friendly, warm atmosphere, and quality food.

Famous people who have wined and/or dined at Miller’s include Marilyn Monroe, Mayor Daley, Chicago baseball legends Bill Veeck and Harry Caray, Jimmy Durante and Bob Fosse’s dancers.

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