Dog Friendly Condo Buildings

Chicago is a very dog friendly city. There are numerous dog parks and dog friendly areas. The Chicago Park District has a list of dog-friendly areas here and you can see a map of Chicago dog parks here. A week does not go by without us receiving a question about a certain buildings and their dog regulations. We have compiled a list of the of many downtown Chicago condo buildings below. If you need further information feel free to call or email me.

Chicago's Loop
Pet Limit
Weight Limit
711 S. DearbornNo LimitNo Limit$150 security deposit
130 N. Garland2 dogs/unit35 lbs./dog-
1160 S. Michigan2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
625 W. Jackson2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
728 W. Jackson1 dogs/unitNo limit$10/month
60 E. Monroe2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
65 E. MonroeNo limitNo Limit-
6 N. Michigan2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
310 S. Michigan2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
8 E. Randolph2 dogs/unitNo Limit$25/dog annually
212 W. Washington2 dogs/unit50 lbs. combined$100/dog annually
208 W. Washington2 dogs/unit50 lbs. combined$100/dog annually
737 W. Washington2 dogs/unitNo Limit$35/dog
333 N. Canal2 dogs/unit90 lbs. combined-
165 N. Canal2 Dogs/unitNo Limit$100/dog annually
520 S. State2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
Chicago's New East Side
225 N. Columbus2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
195 N. Harbor2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
340 E. Randolph2 dogs/unit150 lbs. combined-
400 E. Randolph2 dogs/unit45 lbs. combined-
201 N. Westshore2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
420 E. Waterside2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
450 E. Waterside2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
Chicago's Near North
635 N. Dearborn2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
435 W. Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/2nd dog
375 W. Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit$100/each
360 W. Illinois1 dog/unitNo limit$150 at move-in (refundable)
600 N. Kinsbury2 dogs/unit40 lbs. each-
645 N. KingsburyNo LimitNo Limit-
33 W. Ontario1 dog/unit35 lbs.$100/annually
215 W. Illinois2 dogs/unitNo Limit-
630 N. State2 dogs/unit25 lbs. each-
500 W. Superior2 dogs/unitNo Limit$200/dog
Chicago's Cathedral District
111 E. Chestnut1 dog/unit30 lbs.$100 Fee
10 E. Delaware 2 dogs/unitNo limit-
132 E Delaware2 dogs/unitNo limit-
55 E. Erie2 dogs/unitNo limit-
21 E. Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit-
30 E. Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit-
100 E. Huron2 dogs/unitNo limit-
161 E. Chicago2 dogs/unit30 lbs. combined-
800 N. Michigan2 dogs/unitNo limit-
950 N. Michigan1 dog/unit30 lbs. vet verified-
25 E. Superior2 dogs/unitNo limit-