Get Excited for Chicago’s Great Urban Race

Get Excited for Chicago’s Great Urban Race

Chicago has no scarcity of marathons you can join throughout the year, but how many involve solving a city-wide puzzle and racing for cash prizes? None other than the Great Urban Race! If you’re looking for a fun and challenging activity to do outside with your friends, this is it!

Anyone over 21 can join the Great Urban Race, a team event that travels from city to city throughout the U.S. and Canada. Chicago’s race begins on Saturday, May 31 at Lizzie McNeill’s Irish Pub on 400 N. McClurg Court. Activities to expect at the great urban event include a mixture of brain teasers and physical challenges like anagrams, mazes, Segways, canoeing and even Tae Kwon Do lessons! This totally unique race allows teams to solve clues, tackle challenges and race for cash prizes in this all-out test of sharpness and speed!

Here’s a rundown of how the day will go. Team members will gather at 11:30 at Lizzie McNeill’s. At noon, each team will be given an envelope that contains a mixture of twelve clues that the team has to solve. As teams hustle from clue to clue, they get to elect their own route, and choose to either move on foot or via public transportation.

Once the clock starts, teams have until 5 p.m. to solve the puzzle and complete the race. recommends if you’re going to join, bring your brains and your smart phone to help you figure out the answers and get ahead in the race!

After the challenge is completed, racers head back to Lizzie McNeill’s to enjoy a drink on the house while Great Urban Race staff check everyone’s clue sheets for accuracy. The awards ceremony begins at 5:15, and prizes will be given out to the Best Team Costume, Top St. Jude Fundraiser and Top Three Finishing Teams. The top 25 qualifying teams receive an invitation to the National Championship Race, and the top three teams will receive cash prizes and free entry into the National Championship.

The cost of entering this awesome and worthwhile competition is $50 until midnight on April 29, $60 until 5:00 p.m. on May 30, and $75 if purchased on the day of.

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