Modern Luxury Interior Ideas for Your Chicago Home

Looking for some new furniture to liven and refine your new Chicago home? Whether you’re moving into a family townhouse in Lincoln Park, a Lakeview apartment, or a condo on the Gold Coast, starting out with a few luxurious furniture items and a reasonable interior theme will help you save money (and headaches) further down the road.

While Chicago has a number of furniture stores with an assortment of pieces, after reviewing this guide, you’ll find that Shenandoah Cabinetry has the perfect themes and pieces within their collections for you and your home.


Let’s start with the foyer, the entranceway into your home and the first impression your guests will have of your interior. It’s important to ensure your decor here is a balanced elevation — rather than projecting a grandiose vision that the following rooms cannot match, shoot for a foyer that defines your home’s theme.

For the majority of your furniture purchases, you’ll want to look for pieces with clean lines and contemporary styling (including tones and moldings) to match modern luxury looks.

In the foyer, the key items to look for are entryway tables and a coat rack. An entryway table of any size is an easy location to store small items, including keys, business cards or personalized work. Coat racks — particularly if they have hooks for hats — are a good alternative for homes that lack an entrance closet.


The kitchen is where cabinet choice will be key, as the majority of contact with cabinets will be conducted here. A full overlay style is a must for a modern look (as well as easier interior access). Look for solid-wood surrounding solid-wood designs, such as the Edgeworth or Winchester collections. Don’t forget to check the insides and make sure the drawers are well constructed. The best drawers have a plywood (not cheap particleboard) bottom and full-extension guides.

If you’re worried about creating a kitchen that’s too rigid or lacking in style, look into a single, double or triple waterfall design for both the cabinets and countertops. In addition to providing a smooth appearance, they help protect cabinets, handles and floors from scratches and spills,

Living Room

Chicago’s frigid temperatures mean you have an opportunity to put forth a living room of warmth, and you can do this even without a fireplace.

A large, heavy rug adds immediate warm and coziness to a room. Follow that up with storage cabinets to be placed in the room’s corners, media/entertainment system stands and an accent table, and you’ve assembled a strong portion of the room. The most important and largest furnishing for the living room, the sofa, should be either be your first pick or your last pick, depending on your preferences. Whenever you pick it, make sure it sets the tone for the room’s other items or aligns with the items already there.

What cannot be missed, especially in the conscious circles of Chicago’s well-educated populace, is a library area with recess lighting, a well-placed chair, and of course, books. While some residences will have a small alcove or side room, which perfectly suits this purpose, those lacking can still convert a corner of their living room into a reading nook. By purchasing some waist-height bookshelves and a chaise or ottoman-accompanied chair, you can make a quick 4-piece personal library.

Shenandoah’s Breckenridge collection is a good example of simple, sleek appearances exemplative for modern settings. Finishings range from light, airy beiges to dark, rich espressos; all of these finishings are well suited for a Chicago residency, but you might want to pick one that better aligns with the neighborhood setting. For example, a downtown residency doesn’t always lend itself to the air of light beiges.


Oftentimes, too much emphasis is put upon the furnishing of bedrooms. As they are not a primary station of entertainment or visitation, use the space as a canvas to decorate selfishness. By no means should you skew away from the home theme, but do feel free to embrace a personal touch that isn’t apparent in other rooms.

One of the most important purchases you’ll make — and one too few people consider — will be your window curtain. In addition to fending off the chill of a cold winter morning, a good, thick curtain will block out streetlights and traffic sounds that threaten to interrupt your sleep. Be sure to also get a summer alternative to break up the monotony and let in warm summer sunshine.

Because of its bold simplicity, the Sydney collection might best fit your bedroom (and master bath) needs. The full overlay and slab fronts express a minimalism and practicality that are perfect for more intimate settings.

Have other rooms you’re thinking of redecorating?

Visit Shenandoah Cabinetry for more remodeling inspiration and ideas and use the search feature or their Customer Care service to find solutions that are right for you. You can also take to Instagram to see what Windy City interior designers have on their minds, including Oprah-endorsed Nate Berkus to the design group Edyta & Co. Check with a local real estate expert and discuss some of the people they can connect you with to ensure you have the best home options available.