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Home Sale 10 Pt. Marketing Plan

Because technology is so important in the real estate industry I spend a lot of time and resources keeping up-to-date on all real estate related technology, assuring that your home is found when it meets the buyers criteria.
This transfers into selling your home quickly and for the most money.
Since 95% of the people start their search for a new home online, 95% of my marketing is focused online.

Below is an overview of my Home Sale Marketing Plan to sell your home.

1-Professional Photography - Professional photos are taken and these are used in all the marketing as well as the virtual tour: 180 E. Pearson
2-Using the photos a 4 page glossy color brochure is created, you may download a copy.
Seller Listing Brochure Sellers Brochure page 2
3-Mobile- Imagine your listing in the hands of MILLIONS! Your listing details on any mobile device. View a Demo here

4-The photos are turned into a Youtube video and submitted to my Youtube channel.

With over 29,000 views, video is by far the most desirable way to showcase a listing. The videos are indexed by the major search engines, making it easier for buyers to find your home.
Occasionally I do a walk thru video such as this one to showcase unique features of the home
5-My personal website and Prudential Rubloff’s website

Downtown Chicago Real
Over 100,000 views collectively from all my websites in 2013

Prudential Rubloff
6-Rubloff submits all listings to the major search engines and top real estate sites such as
Prudential Rubloff listings have a Showcase account on, Showcase Listings show up first in the search results.
7-A website is created for each listing:
8-Blogging Downtown Chicago Real Estate Blog is a new site that I use to optimize all my listings for viewing on Smart phones.

These can also be accessed via QR Codes.
Note - the links are best viewed from a smartphone:
10-Social Networking. See here how social networking helps sell your home

Chicago condos on Facebook

Chicago condos on Twitter

Chicago Condos on Youtube

Chicago Condos on Pinterest

Chicago condos on Linkedin

11-I also provide reporting from Rubloff’s website,, & on a weekly basis.

These reports show how many times your listing was viewed as well as how many times people clicked on the listing to get more information.

I use a scheduling and feedback system that sends an email out for each showing scheduled and then follows up with an email requesting feedback from the buyer’s agent.
You can take a look at their website here: LeapRE

We also have a whole list of resources such as painters, handyman, cleaning companies, home staging, virtual home staging, Sellers Closing Cost checklist and real estate attorneys, to help before, during, and after the listing.

Marketing your home is an ongoing process that I work at each day. I never just list a property and “hope” it sells. I keep the all the info current and up-to-date and I am available at any time to discuss the progress, feedback etc..

Thank You for the opportunity to discuss the marketing of your home. Please call or Email Me for further information.

Christine Hancock