Same price point, 3 different neighborhoods, South Loop , Streeterville, & the Gold Coast

When taking clients, buyers, out to shop for a Chicago condo I hear a familiar statement when we are looking in different neighborhoods, "You get so much more for your money in this neighborhood." I started to wonder if that was just clients perception or if it was actually true? I am not talking about comparing Lincoln Park to Sauganash but neighborhoods that are relatively close to each other such as the South Loop, Streeterville, and the Gold Coast. So let's compare 3 homes that are almost the same price of … [Read more...]

Buying a Short Sale or Foreclosure in The Gold Coast

Thinking a buying a pre-foreclosure, short sale or foreclosure (bank owned property) in the Gold Coast? Everybody is searching for that elusive good deal in one of the most expensive affluent neighborhoods in Chicago, but finding it can be a tedious, stressful project. The payoff is the obvious discount you will receive on the purchase price. Along the way expect to deal with a lot of competition, long waits for an answer from the bank, and many times the homes are "cash only", they will not accept a mortgage … [Read more...]

The Carlyle – 1040 North Lake Shore Drive

The Carlyle is located in a fabulous location between Cedar & Bellevue on Lake Shore Dr. It was built in 1964 and it stands 40 stories tall with 130 homes. The amenities include an indoor pool on the top floor as well as an exercise room and a party room. All parking in the building is rental with valet service. All units have lake views and at least 1 balcony, some units have 2, every unit has a master suites with 2 bathrooms. This is a no pet building.       … [Read more...]